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Our P.E sessions are designed to provide PPA cover for teachers, enabling children to participate in physical activity in a safe and enjoyable environment. Working closely with schools to co-ordinate lessons which align with both MNR’s and the schools philosophies to develop children in their sporting activities forms the basis of all our sessions. Establishing a positive teamwork, teaching teamwork and social skills all contribute to the development on not only young athletes but well-rounded individuals in the classroom too.

For a full day of PPA cover, the school with receive a FREE complimentary hour of extracurricular coaching.

Available from 8am – 6pm within term time, our extra-curricular programmes are tailored to meet the needs of young people at your school. With a wide range of sports and activities to choose from with coaches who are passionate about ensuring children are learning in a fun and safe environment, these programmes are ideal.

MNR Coaching offers a ‘breakfast’ club before the school day starts, where the coach will provide the children with a number of challenging sporting activities in the morning to ensure that they receive physical activity and are mentally switched on and ready for their academic lessons.

Our after school clubs offer children the chance to have a go at a range of different sporting skills either in specialist sessions such as football or cricket, or in a multi skills environment where key sporting skills such as co-ordination and balance will be improved upon in a series of challenging activities.

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